Viewport model animation not rendering

I’m making gui that plays an emote using a viewport frame. When the player clicks on the emote, it should play an audio and the animation but when I use emote:Play() the Viewport frame doesn’t render the model moving while the audio still plays

I want to achieve something similar to the following video:

And here’s my attempt at this (dont mind the songs and emote names, just some inside jokes)

Here’s the code I used to do this

--Note that this is only a small portion of the entire script
	local emoteDisplay = emotesFrame.EmotePreview.ViewportFrame.EmoteDisplay
	local tobias = emoteDisplay:WaitForChild("Tobias")
	local tobiasHumanoid = tobias:WaitForChild("Humanoid")

	newEmote = emotesFolder[item.Name]:Clone()
	newEmote.Parent = tobias
	local playEmote = tobiasHumanoid:LoadAnimation(newEmote)
	playEmote:Play() --Tobias model doesn't move here
	emoteSound = newEmote:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Sound")
	if emoteSound then

How would I go about making this work?
Thanks in advance

Small update:
I got it to work which took way too long to figure out, considering how simple it was to actually do.
I just had to insert a world model and put the emoteDisplay inside of that then, wow!

This is a lesson learned for myself

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