Viewportframe freezing and lagging in the published game but not in studio?

Im trying to make a fps system using ViewportFrames and skinned meshes, The basic setup is 2 meshes Left arm and Right arm, with surface appearance textures in a WorldModel inside a viewportframe. The meshes are being controlled via animations in a local script. And the viewport camera is set between the arms.

But for some reason the Viewportframe is freezing and lagging in the published game, but is smooth and fast in roblox studio?
Published Game-

What could be the cause, Is this a bug or is it meant to be like this for optimization reasons?

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You can decrease the graphics level if you have set it high. In the studio, most likely, by refinement, you have an automatic rendering of graphics. Lower graphics settings in client settings. Also if you are changed something in scripts, etc… you are need to press “Publish To Roblox” and do not press “Save” It’ll upload to published game.

They are both set to the highest quality, and its the exact same place. I haven’t changed anything in scripts or settings after clicking publish in studio. Im not sure i fully understand what your suggesting by decreasing the graphics level in studio.