ViewPortFrame gets very laggy and updates at 1 FPS

I’m using a viewportframe to display a character editor using workspace.CurrentCamera to have free camera movement for the player, and it’s been working fine without needing any changes. Recently though, it works for about 30 seconds then just starts updating so slowly that you can hardly use it. Seems to be about 1 frame per second.
I cannot find any reasons for this. The viewport contains a single model of the player’s character, which I’ve made sure to strip of any useless objects. The game’s FPS also has nothing to do with it because my game is running at 60 fps while this happens, it’s purely the viewportframe.

Is there some way that I can update the viewport manually?

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¿Are you using loops to update the character editor?

No. It normally updates when a change is made to the camera or the contents of the viewport, but when this lag thing starts, the viewport updates at 1 FPS no matter what gets changed.

You should try without the scripts but in the Roblox Player, Roblox Studio is proven laggy.

Use a loop instead because .changed can be laggy, i used a loop for a viewport fps test and it worked.