ViewportFrame optimization ideas?

So yesterday I noticed there’s a bit of an optimization issue with viewport frames. On a single page, I display about 24 pants. In each viewport frame, there’s merely just the player’s legs in there. That’s it.

During the animation when the new frame tweens in, there’s a noticeable FPS drop.

It’d be an absolute pain to convert all these into images, and frankly, it’s just not an option.

Are there any known optimizations I can implement to help with these hitches?

Really annoying there’s no like ‘baked’ option so ViewportFrames can essentially turn something into an image at runtime.

Appreciate any help, thanks.

There are 2 fixes for this

  1. You can convert the pants into their seperate ImageLabels (the front of the pants)
  2. Instead of UI you can use actual 3D parts and move them front of the player’s camera, note if you change your FOV this might look funky if you dont keep this in mind.
    2.1. You want to make the pants a lot smaller and closer to the screen so that it is less likely to clip through any objects.
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I read in some other post that static and non-changing viewports are as efficient as regular image labels. Just cut down on the animations, such as only animating the ones that the cursor hovers over

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All I’m doing is animating the UIScale component within the parent frame, so this would appear to be some issue with UIScale performance possibly.