Viklund Bulletin

Welcome Viklundians, to the Viklund Company bulletin board! Here, you’ll find all kinds of information. If you have any inquiries or just want to contact me, please do so on my Roblox profile, or on Discord, xnvrs#7455.

As a bonus for reading a book, which no one in 2021 is doing anymore, BILLY and HENRIK models are free for use in your games or anywhere else.


read this stuff please

ch. 1, preface


viklund was founded in 2020 to bring passionate and creative experiences and ideas to the platform, curated for the community. we seek to empower and inspire the community to create experiences of their own and share it with the world, connecting us together through craft and creativity.

ch. 2, rank

don’t beg for staff rank

大将 ― owner rank
領主 ― staff
みんな ― normal member

ch. 3, rules

follow the rules to be wise

  1. don’t spam and advertise
  2. don’t beg for anything
  3. don’t exploit in our games lol
  4. don’t start drama in the community

looking to appeal a ban? join our discord server.

updated on april 6 2021, viklund company

wow limited edition models for free