VIP Server Links broken on phone+tablet

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I purchase a VIP server and generate a VIP Server Link:

Then I put the link in my group’s description:

When someone who isn’t my friend tries to click the link on their phone or tablet Roblox app, they see this:

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It happens everytime but only for people who aren’t friends with me on Roblox.

  • Where does the bug happen (www, gametest, etc) Is it level-specific? Is it game specific? Please post a link to the place that exhibits the issue.

I’ve only tried it on Adopt Me, but I’ve heard that this is the case in other games as well


Going to bump this here.

I’m a developer of the pizza party event and I’m trying to hand out dev badges in my VIP server on all of my social platforms including my group and countless times I have people complaining they can’t join because they are on mobile.

This has always been the case but it needs to change as it prevents players from joining.

Roblox is pushing more towards the mobile market than ever before and it is extremely important that VIP server links work for all devices.


I was just thinking,

That have anything to do with it?


It does not.

I honestly feel like this thread should change into a feature request as mobile devices have never been able to click a VIP server link and get teleported to it.

I’ll probably write one in a bit.


This seems to be working. I tried joining a VIP server link from an account that is not related to the VIP server owner. This works on IOS.

Can you provide additional details to reproduce ?


VIP server links are having the same error 610 on my iPhone 6 and Fire HD 10 tablet. Clicking the links in-app does nothing for me and putting the URL in Safari opens the game then I get this error. I get this same error when joining my friends on iOS via profile when they are in a VIP server I’m not invited to. On my tablet it says the same error that trying to teleport to a closed game has (I forgot the error code, sorry.) I hope this information helps


Hey @n_warrior1729, VIP server links seem to still be broken on phone and tablet. I’ve asked our community to post videos of them attempting to join a VIP server link. Hopefully that will help you guys with verifying and diagnosing the issue


Hey NewFissy,

Thanks for the ping. We are working on a fix for this. I shall update the thread when this goes out.


Did you find a fix to the problem? It seems to still be persisting. I am able to paste links into a browser which opens the game, but instead of going to the VIP server, it goes to a public server.


This seems still to be a problem.

I got 4 VIP links to a game, and on phone, it sends me to a random public server, every time i join the game, on phones (from the browser)

The only way to get into the vip server, is if someone as friend, invites you to the game, by adding you in as a friend.


If you got an Android S8 or another Android OS phone platform, it does not work.

I got an Android S8 and it does not work.


Hey, are there any updates for this fix? Links are still not working for mobile users.