.visible = true not working?

im trying to get a text to become visible when a person touches a part. It is set as visible = false until the player touches it and changes it to visible = true. However the text never comes up.

Can you show the code that you’re having trouble with?

Without the code I don’t know the exact issue, but you’re doing .Visible, not .visible, right?

local AlreadyTouched = false

	if Object.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then
		if AlreadyTouched == false then
			AlreadyTouched = true
			game.StarterGui.Dialog.Dialog.Text = "Are you guys ready for the trip?"
			game.StarterGui.Dialog.Person.Text = "dad"
			game.StarterGui.Dialog.Dialog.Visible = true	
			game.StarterGui.Dialog.Person.Visible = true

You are making TextLabel in game.StarterGui becomes visible not the player’s gui.

So do i change the gui’s parent?

Use game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(Object.Parent).PlayerGui instead of game.StarterGui

More info of :GetPlayerFromCharacter() here