Visions Hangout | In-Game Rules & Regulations

In-Game Rules:
- Any breach of the Roblox Terms of Use will be reported and is not allowed.

- Using exploits, hacking, glitching, etc will result in an immediate ban.

- Spamming and trolling are not allowed and you will be muted.

- Any hate speech or shaming is not permitted.

- Raiding the game is strictly prohibited.

- Chat bypassing is not allowed and commonly misused phrases will be filtered.

- Using Visions to favor offensive trends on social media is strictly disallowed and will result in your account being permanently banned within the game with no chance to appeal.

- Impersonating staff is not allowed and can lead to a ban.

Extra Information:
- We offer support for bans, and the option to report players who break our rules through social links under the game and group.

- No refunds will be given, all sales are final within Visions Hangout.

- Staff can and will actively enforce these rules in-game and uphold the right to do so, as it is their duty.

While playing Visions Hangout, you are required to follow Roblox’s Terms of Use.