Visual difference between local and serverscript

I was wondering if it is possible to change the way both script look.
I’m using the dark theme and keep making mistakes due to the fact that I forget if the script I’m currently typing in is a localScript or a serverScript. I would love the possibility to make the backgroundcolor of every serverScript black, and every LocalScript a dark grey.
Is there any way to do this? or maybe a plugin that can do this?

I don’t believe this is possible on vanilla RobloxStudio, I guess you could make a feature request. I also don’t fully understand, how can be unsure of which script your working on? In explorer the icons are noticeably different and you should have your scripts named.


You are totally right, and I do give them obvious names. But i seem to keep making the same mistake
Unfortinatly yesterday it took me 3 hours to find out why something didn’t work out and then realised : I was deleting a certain menu from the playerGui with a LocalScript and then checking for that same menu with FindFirstChild() with a serverScript. For me personally it would be a good help if you could give the different script types different colors. As a visual reminder.

Or I could just keep on making the same mistakes until I finally learn how to do it right… After all we learn most by making mistakes right?

I’m currently trying to find out if I can make a personal plugin for this.
But thnx for your respons

I agree, it does suck when that happens. I think you’ll have to make a feature request though, I don’t believe this is possible with plugins. This’ll get you started:

Thnx! will try that