Visual Indicator for Disable Scripts



Except that I have 1 script and 1 localscript so it’s kind of useless for me


Is there any possibility it could be made slightly darker when disabled? I saw this feature was enabled earlier and struggled to tell the difference between two scripts unless I looked closely at them. Ideally I’d like to be able to tell it’s disabled at a glance.


Maybe a different indication symbol then? It should be accessible easily to color blind people as well.


Thanks for this feature! Maybe we can implement this into other items in the explorer besides scripts.


I like the feature now we can know if we forgot to enable a script thanks for this feature guys it will become very helpfull!


This is great but can the icon be slightly darker?

I keep having to look twice to make sure its grey and not blue. They are very close.


I kinda use script.Disabled a lot, thanks for implementing this!


Pretty useful, the amount of times i’ve been wondering why my script isn’t working and i forget to enable it again T_T

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:


Seconding this. Although I honestly don’t usually run into problems telling which of my scripts are disabled and not based of use of hierarchy structure, I see no reason they shouldn’t be a bit more clear since this is been added. Light-blue and light-gray are very close colors and a more cobble-esque shade might feel more appealing to the eye when it comes to contrast.

Either way I’m really happy to see context based icons being used because I can imagine a handful of use cases that will allow the Studio application to continue provide a more intuitive experience.


I also had a hard time distinguishing the black and white icon from the blue script icon. Perhaps a little :no_entry_sign: or something in the corner of each disabled icon would be clearer.



I’m imagining a studio where we have icon variants for:

  • disconnected constraints
  • disabled GUI (screen, billboard, surface)
  • disabled lights (spot, surface, point)

Would be really useful.


As a suggestion to improve this feature, can the name be striked out as well? Not nearly enough to not know the name of the script, but to give people with a hard-of-sight an easier indicator.


Yeah I saw this a couple of days and it’s truly helpful for testing and debugging. Thank you


I agree with people saying that the difference is not enough. This is an awesome feature, but I wonder if there could be a more drastic difference? Seems a bit more difficult to notice with the dark theme too.


You are right I just dont see the difference that good on pc/laptop but I see it good with mobile I guess it has to do what type of screen you use. On mobile I have an amoled screen maybe that is why I see more colors then on laptop or pc.


There should be a red logo for Team Create when another user is editing the script, the dot next to the script doesn’t help that much because they could just be selecting the script and not actually editing it.


Great update, I will finally not have to spend 1 hour figuring out why my script is not working when it’s actually disabled.


So many times have I wondered why something was broken, but just to realize it was a disabled script… To make it more clear, what if a paused icon was added on top of the disabled script icons?


How are they disabled?


A possible way to do this would be with a colour blind mode (similar to Discord’s) where an icon is placed on the icon its self, like this mockup I made