Voarc's Portfolio. (Building,Terrain Making,Modeling,Visual Effects,Sculpting) (OUTDATED)

About me

Hello there, I’m 15 y.o developer from Georgia. My first map was created in March 2019. It was an Obby map and was terrifying, however, all my next maps got better and better. I got used to terrain, blender and most of studio features. I’m trying to make most of my maps using meshes and I put as much effort as It’s possible for me.





Some weapons""



Visual effects



:loudspeaker: SMALL SCALED MAP :arrow_right: 5BP
49.99$ (Delivers with custom-made Terrain and Lighting.)

:loudspeaker: MEDIUM SCALED MAP :arrow_right: 10BP
99.99$ (Delivers with custom-made Terrain and Lighting.)

:loudspeaker: LARGE SCALED MAP :arrow_right: 15BP
149.99$ (Delivers with custom-made Terrain and Lighting.)

Any singular asset will cost you from 5 up to 20$.(depending on the detail)


:loudspeaker: I only accept USD or equivalent amount of Robux in DevEx rate as a payment.

:loudspeaker: USD Payments will only be held via PayPal.

:loudspeaker: Prices are not final and can differ depending on the commission!

:loudspeaker: You also should pay PayPal fees which in my case are 5% of the amount of money you want me to receive.

:loudspeaker: 1. You are not allowed to resell any commissioned map without my
2.If resold I should receive around 25% of the sale.
3.Map can only be resold by the commissioner.

:loudspeaker: You should give me credits for the map/assets in the game’s description or in-game credits.

:loudspeaker: I should receive 50% of upfront payment due to some people who doesn’t will to pay after commission is finished.

:loudspeaker: Any additional work will require additional payment if not discussed before sending first half of the payment.

:loudspeaker: Development will begin once the first half of the payment is sent.

Commissions are currently open


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, On Discord Voarc#9204 or join my Discord Portfolio Server: Nikaoce’s Pub

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to message me. I’ll be more than happy to help. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: