Voice chat service doesnt show up in studio but does in game?

I am currently trying to make a game that is voicechat based but I cannot see the voice chat in studio, its there in regular games and it makes it EXTREMELY difficult to develop when I have to publish the game and test it in the actual game everytime I need to see if an update I made works. Is there a way to enable it in studio or am I missing something.

I think VC being disabled in playtesting is intentional for the same reason that awarding badges is disabled in playtesting. If you need to test things pertaining to voice chat, vc should be enabled in team test.

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Seems fine for me

This is the code if you want to try it out

--// Services //--
local VoiceChatService = game:GetService("VoiceChatService")
local Players = game:GetService("Players")

--// Connections //--

	if not VoiceChatService:IsVoiceEnabledForUserIdAsync(player.UserId) then
		player:Kick("Voice Chat Required")