"VoiceChatService" isn't a valid service

Hey, I’m trying to use VoiceChatService to check if someone has VoiceChat or not. I’m getting an error in the developer console that looks like this.


This is the line I’m using to get VoiceChatService.

local VoiceChatService = game:GetService("VoiceChatService");

I’ve checked the forum and Roblox’s status page to see if anyone else was having the same problem or Roblox had found a problem. I’ve tried enabling Spatial Voice in the game settings tab but nothing has worked so far.

I’m not sure by memory if this makes a difference, but do you have Spatial Voice enabled in your experience? Instructions on how to do so can be found here.

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If this is what you mean by what you are saying than yes.


Hi, are you testing this in roblox studio? Is it a script or localscript and where is it placed?

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It’s a Server Script and is located in ServerScriptService. I am testing it in the Roblox Player.


VoiceChatInternal seems to be equivalent and a valid solution to VoiceChatService not working correctly. The only difference I notice is a proporty of VoiceChatService called GenerateDefaultChannel, but it has no documentation and if clicked, the page with reload. I still have not idea why VoiceChatService was not being detected as a service.