Volcano/terrain, nature assets for my game!

Hello, fellow developers and players!
Update: Slight color correction to water and grass

This is my game’s first weblog.

This game’s details and gameplay can’t be shared yet, because it’s gonna be good :wink:

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Here are some pictures of the current work for devlog 1! We are planning to release this before 2022!
Note: All of this is completely WIP!



Thank you for your time! We hope to talk to you in the future, whether it’s in devforum or discord! :slight_smile:



Oh, and feel free to give feedback!

I have updated the map’s colors slightly.
You can support us by joining our discord!

Also, feel free to give responses here on devforum!

It looks good! The only thing is the colours in the asset pictures look oversaturated. I think this was fixed because the lighting in the game doesn’t look oversaturated. It still looks good though.

Thanks for your response! I agree, my assets are oversaturated!