Volt Hotels | Hiring Clothing Designer!

Volt Hotels: Clothing Designer!

Hello, my name is Alex, I am the founder of Volt Hotels!
We are looking for a experienced clothing designer to help us make a hotel uniform!

The Job

The job is quite simple, make a staff uniform for the group, it does not need to be complicated, all we ask is that you try your hardest!

The Payment

We will pay you 50-150 Robux, depending on how good the finished product is!
You will also get a special rank in our group and discord


To accept this job, there are a few requirements!
You must be able to show us some of your work before we can hire you!
You must be over the age of 13!
You must join the roblox group and discord! (Will be linked at the bottom of the page)

Thanks for reading! If you meet the requirements, please consider trying out!


  • Alex, Founder of Volt Hotels

Here is the group as well: https://web.roblox.com/groups/7110468/Volt-Hotels?nl=true#!/about
And the discord: https://discord.gg/K59bZCj5yh

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