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As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to manipulate lighting to properly create a dynamic atmosphere for a game (read below)

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to use the fog setting in Lighting properly without ruining the whole game. For example, if you have an area of the map that is “ghost-like” and “spooky” you would want that area to have a ton of fog, however, for other areas of the map such as the beach it would ruin the whole thing. I’m actually experiencing this issue because I have a graveyard map in my game which I would LOVE to put more fog in but I have to limit the fog being used otherwise it destroys the rest of the game.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my game / my development experience because it would create a more diverse and creative atmosphere to my game because having fog is a nice feature in certain maps, but it does come at a cost of the other maps. I know you could use some hacky method of using particle emitters but in my opinion they are quite laggy and it would be far more convenient to be able to select certain areas to have fog and then other areas to omit the fog. How I think it should work could be similar to the terrain region feature where you select a region where you want the fog. I’ve seen people posting questions on “How do you remove fog in certain areas?” and the answer has always been “It cannot be done, you just have to use laggy particles” and I really hope this feature gets implemented because I know a lot of games could use this feature but are probably not using it because it ruins most of the game by having fog in unwanted areas.



I would also like to nominate @Semaphorism\s’ post about web socket support server/client side.


Also to be clear, this was a request for client implementation of websockets, so game servers would make an outgoing connection to our own servers. Not sure if that was clear in my suggestion. I also nominate my own suggestion again, MessagingService is very useful for sure, but overall MS is still very limiting


I would also like to nominate better ui masking & rotated clip descendants


I want to nominate my own post since I think it’s very urgent to get something like this.


Here’s another nomination from me that I forgot about earlier; a cleaner and more powerful Texture object!

tl;dr replace the current StudsPerTileU/V with:

  • Vector2 TileSize (equivalent to StudsPerTileU/V but more concise and neat)
  • Vector2 TileOffset (offset the texture by some number of studs)
  • Rect ClipBounds (use only a certain area of the texture, good for spritesheets)

I know a lot of devs use multiple monitors but this would get rid of a huge inconvenience.


Third nomination of mine that I completely forgot about - camera perspective strength! This would really help with making isometric games super easy, helping reduce the distortion effect around the edges of things in viewportframes, and preventing depth sorting issues on lower end devices due to the large distances and floating point inaccuracies that arise as a result of the dollying effect!

Here’s a visual example:


Please keep it to one feature request per post so we can be sure which feature request is being voted for.


I nominate my old suggestion (which might not meet the current format).

[Textures & Decals] Layers / ZIndex / Priority

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Please get this through

Make it so you can’t take money / transfer ownership from groups without a pin…


I nominate this feature:


I nominate this feature request.


As a Roblox UI designer, it’s hard to upload rounded UI and shadows… Roblox sizes the images weird and I have to use a 3rd party bleeding service to prevent funky outlines and blurred borders (which still happen even with a bleed).
If Roblox is able to address this issue it would improve creating and designing ui tremendously on Roblox. Designers would no longer have to use a plugin or bleed every image they upload.



I nominate this request


We really need improvements on how text is displayed for different screen sizes.


We could also look back at this feature.


Roblox could use rich presence to display what specific game a user is playing, instead of just displaying Roblox, and a button to allow a user to quickly join a friends server.


I nominate this feature for extra tween options.

This is my reply to it: