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Vote below closing on Monday 27th May 2019
I have seen some small devs get Invited but not the big ones. I came to conclusion what is the way Roblox Inviting developers. On what requirements is Roblox Inviting.

  • I am a developer and I am Invited and I am attending the RDC 2019.
  • I am a developer and I am Invited but not attending this year.
  • I am a developer but not yet invited.
  • I was Invited last year but not this year.

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The voting data got wiped so please revote.

The last two results both apply to me.

If you are not Invited this year and was last year then select the last option.

I am most likely attending, unless something major happens that prevents me from going.
(I already bought my ticket and hotel room)

Oh. Ok it’s ok click on I am attending then afterwards if something happens jus contact me I will remove your vote.

This is really strange I see some top devs like BitStreams, Enqrypted not Invited.

I think some developers who were invited last year but didn’t attend last year were not on the invite list for this year.


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