(Vote) The topic might answer why top devs are not invited yet


I have read every post in this section of RDC and I have came to an conclusion hypothesis.

-Many avatar featured developers seemed to be invited before Developers
-many designers also got in for RDC so far…
-many top devs who have got into RDC are not invited so far…
I think along with others that this year’s theme is to do with avatars and Rthro. This is just a hypothesis but it matches the majority of posts and topics here in RDC discussion.

Just to see… Vote. Maybe this will help make sense of RDC this year:

  • I am an avatar featured developer and I am in RDC 2019.
  • I am an artist/designer and I am in RDC 2019
  • I am a scripter,builder or other developer and I am in RDC 2019
  • I am not attending RDC. I just want to see the results.

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i accidentally pressed “I am a scripter…” :smiley:

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Ok. Noted. if anyone else presses accidently, just message here.

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You should’ve included one saying that you’re none of the above, I nearly clicked the bottom one too.


Yea I think you are right, I am an avatar featured developer and I got an invite.

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Hey, can you open the poll results to the public? Currently, the results are on vote and I can’t vote since I haven’t been invited yet. I’m curious to see the results.

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This is what it looks like at the moment.


Maybe I am wrong… Lel. That sucks

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You can re-do your vote by clicking the “Hide results” button and then clicking where you intended to vote:

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The votes show otherwise… Let’s wait and see after wave 3.


Wave 3 still does not give us any results. Heads up! I am closing the voting tomorrow, so cast your votes!


Summary: Either the artists and designers or the featured avatar people do not like voting, or I am wrong. RIP. I still think it could be Rthro cause that is a new feature.


I have been told the non-applicant waves (1-3) were based on a series of metrics based on forum activity, which I would guess involve replies made, threads made, and likes received. It is easy for someone in featuring to not post on the forums and thus not be in an early waves. My activity has gone down a bit due to school work, which is why I was part of wave 2.