Vote to kick system, votes needed before kick?


I’m pretty sure this category is the correct one for this, if not please forgive me!

Basically, I have made a sandbox game, very similar to “Blocks!” in the attempt of trying to get some experience with a different side of scripting I would not normally do myself. However some people are making really awesome builds and others are joining and placing blocks all over them/griefing. I believe this is a factor playing a huge part in the low overall rating of the game. To try and combat this I have added a vote to kick system and invested a large majority of time into getting it right and working. However, I believe the threshold for being kicked is too high but then again I’m not 100% sure. The votes needed is currently set to the (number of players * 0.75) for example, 9 players means 6 votes is needed for a kick. Do you think this may be to much and I should lower it to (number of players * 0.5) maybe but keep it as 0.75 when the number of players in the game is 3?

Any response is appreciated,


Well, first you want to make griefing much more difficult. You don’t want to completely rely on vote kicking to get rid of griefers. That’s gonna be unreliable. But you want to make the minimum 50% or more of the server.