(Vote) Who should be the leader of RDC This Year? (WINNERS ANNOUNCED)

As we see, results have been sent out! Representing our last year leader! @JParty will be the leader of RDC this year, such as he can give the prizes, he can be on stage, along with adding new events for the RDC.

  • JParty
  • InceptionTime

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Wait… JParty is still around…?


Yup, he is still around, I’m pretty sure.

Well, he certainly read the forum recently.


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You have no idea about how epic JParty is.

JParty of course.

Inception can come to London Watchparty

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there ain’t no party without JParty. And RDC is a party. :slightly_smiling_face:


Only 2 options?
I think we need more, maybe a hodgepodge of names!

Time to create a speech, I want to be a running candidate for RDC leader.

Vote for me as RDC 19 leader, I will give free popcorn. :ok_hand:


k you are hired, no regrets u will be it nest year.

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