Voxel Art Feedback

I am starting to build a Voxel-based RPG for ROBLOX, and I have designed some swords/ staffs. Have a look at them, and tell me what you think. I will edit this post with more swords and staffs when I make more. Currently there is only 1.
Sword 1:
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P.S: I use MagicaVoxel for this, and export as OBJ

Edit: I just realised that I could have made these just as easily in Studio. What do you think I should do, build in MagicaVoxel, or Studio?
Edit 2: I just realised (again) that it won’t resize properly, so I’ll stick with MagicaVoxel


I think the blade is too short for a sword, other than that looks great though.
Also I’d suggest using studio for it, because you say it is just as easy, so if you use studio, no export is needed

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The blade should be a little thiner, I think that would look nice and yeah besides that it looks great. :slight_smile:

And yes, the blade should be raised a bit.