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:video_game: Voya Gameshows Public Handbook

:wave: Greetings! Welcome to the Voya Gameshows Public Handbook. Throughout this handbook, you are able to find our valuable information that we include which will help you during your journey at Voya Gameshows. Within this handbook, you are able to find our group information, promotion guides, affiliate requirements, and many things.

Who are we?
:joystick: We are one of the most gameshow groups on ROBLOX that was established by kennzlys on 23/2/22. Voya strives to develop innovative gameshows to the community, we attempt to produce our community with entertaining events. We also offer various high-quality clothing selections. Additionally, we have several gameshows hosted a day.

:link: Group Link: Voya Gameshows - Roblox

Game Rules

When playing gameshows here at Voya Gameshows. We expect everyone to be respectful no matter what. Any sort of disrespect will not be tolerated and you may receive consequences such as mute, kick, or ban from the game that you are playing.

Alternative accounts are not allowed within gameshows at Voya Gameshows. This ONLY includes people who are banned on their main account and playing on an alternative account.

Any sort of exploiting will not be accepted under any circumstances. Using exploits to win will result in an unappealable ban from our gameshows.

Discrimination will not be tolerated in any way. You will be immediately banned if you do so. Please note that the ban will be unappealable.

Spamming or chat flooding is not allowed, doing so can result in a mute. Major spamming or chat flooding may result in a possible ban from the game.

Affiliate Requirements
  • Your group must contain at least 100 members to be affiliated with Voya Gameshows.
  • Your group must be ROBLOX roleplay groups. Giveaways, mm2, will not be allowed.
  • Your group should be active, hosting events continuously.
  • You must be able to provide us at least 2 representatives to represent on behalf of your group.

Met the requirements above? Message a member of the Public Relations Department! Exceptions can be made, so be sure to ask us! Send the application once ready.

[1] Group Name:
[2] Group Link:
[3] Discord Link:
[4] Why should we both affiliate? What makes your group different?
[5] How can your group benefit Voya Gameshows?

Thank you for reading throughout the handbook! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to any executive members.

Voya Leadership

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