Voyage Beyond Studio - July 2022 Developer Round-Up

Well, July is finally coming to an end. It has been a rough ride but we managed to blast our way past it.
And a lot more exciting things are coming into view!

July 2022 Review:

Let’s start a bit honest here. We at VBS have been through a tough time this month dealing with legal issues, mainly regarding our assets. While we cleared up a few things and managed to repair most of the damage caused on our end, we want to apologize to those who were affected publically by the massive purge that occurred a few weeks back. Mainly DMCA takedowns and so on. Our goal wasn’t to harm but to clean up the mess that was caused by a leaker providing individuals with stolen assets. At this time, we are still investigating with an attorney of mine to seek if it has been dwelt with completely.

Recently, we hit our first community goal! Well done! Thank you to those who have donated and or joined our community. We unlocked a reward that is currently being worked on as we speak, more on this down below!

We also recently hired a new developer to help us with stuff (program-wise) outside of Roblox! And managed to provide us with a Discord bot to entertain our community! We are glad to have them aboard our spaceship as we continue to voyage through the cosmos! Welcome, @Conn0rC!

Alright, enough waiting! Let’s go over some new content updates that are approaching!

Content Updates:

Okay, so… let’s talk about Village of Ediba for a second.

Back in January, we talked about separating Ediba into two versions. Legacy and Definitive edition. Each tells the same story but in different time periods and gameplay mechanics. While this was good on paper, I decided to not go down that path due to complications in managing two multiplayer games that are the same.

So, with that. Legacy and Definitive are no more and we’ll continue down the same development branch.

And so, VIllage of Ediba - Update 3.0.0 is born.

Village of Ediba - Update 3.0.0;

With the first community reward now unlocked, we took this opportunity to give VoE a proper upgrade!
VoE Hasn’t been updated since 2021 (Regarding new content or major bug fixes.) So, with that, let’s go over what to expect!

Click to check out our current roadmap for VoE 3.0.0!

Build 3.0.0

We all know that VoE tends to be a “performance-heavy” game… and it is! When we first designed the concepts for VoE in 2018, we only had PC in mind! Basic mobile support was later added in 2019. So let’s see what’s new. This isn’t all that’s being added, things may change, be removed, and so on. This is just what we have planned at the moment.


  • New Loading Environment Queue System
  • Optimization on all meshes and characters

We hope that this would reduce lag, so when the game launches, we’ll find out!


  • Removed all current scripts in VoE Including Local/Modules
  • Reprogramming everything!

We decided to just dump it all in a trashcan and rewrite the entire game from the ground up. We did this cause of VoE 2.1.1 using scripts from 2018 to 2022. Which caused bugs down the road. It was time we program VoE with the latest technology!

UI Design

  • Redesign UI to fit with the game’s theme
  • New Mouse Icon W/ Click Icon
  • Debug Info being toggleable
  • Bunch more stuff-

I’m excited to redesign VoE’s UI. Got a lot planned which features new UI tech.
So check out our Loading Screen and Menu Location for this update! Still being worked on BTW!


  • New Structure(s)
  • Terrain modifications
  • Modified Current Structures
  • House Interiors
  • More Lore, More Secrets?

VoE hasn’t had a major terrain update since 2020ish. It’s time we add some more stuff to peek at~


  • Adding Roleplay-related mechanics W/ selectable preset animations (?)
  • Remade nom mechanics
  • Include new role “Switch” (?)
  • Special Abilities with In-Game points purchase (?)
  • Include a new character pack with 3x more characters than Classic Pack (Community Reward)
  • Your avatar as a character (?)

We decided to go for a more roleplay style to fit with the current meta. VoE never had much of a roleplay element, it used to be a game concept, not meant for public eyes. Some items on the list are questionable on if they could be added, so it’s a maybe on those.


We got a lot more stuff but again, not worth mentioning. Like new boundaries for the map and so on.
When the game is close to done, I’ll release the FULL change log!


We just started development on the day we hit that community reward! And while most terrain modifications are done… everything else is being worked on. Primarily the UI and Programming side.

So… when will it release? At our current rate, we might be seeing a late august release window. Though nothing is confirmed and it could release early, or further down the line.

If you got questions, please do DM me!


Not much is planned for VBS Hub at this time. But we are still pushing towards our Distribution Release and hoping to get that to the community sooner than later! We also hit our 2nd anniversary for our game page on Roblox. No Content Deletion for us! Keeping it safe and wise~


For August, It’ll be unique. Some of my staff members gotta get back to school and some others, have new work schedules. As for me, nothing really changed so I’ll be continuing like normal. We need staff members tho! Please, do apply in our communication center! Developers, Moderators, you name it!
While we don’t pay staff with real cash, we pay them with group percentage payouts. Remember, we aren’t making money off of this, this is a passion studio aiming to give quality content to a “hidden” community on Roblox.

That’s it for this month! Thank you so much for continually supporting me and my staff.

– Joe @thecooljoe12346