Voyage Resort - Staff Handbook

Welcome to Voyage Resorts!

About Us

Voyage Resort is a family-friendly hotel group along with other hotel groups. Voyage Resort provides a “virtual” job, your job isn’t to be stressful nor hard at all but supposed to be a fun task. You’re not required to have a job here, but may be a hotel guest and have our lovely staff assist you. We offer many different Lower Rank positions provided with many different tasks to do. If you’re interested in a job here at Voyage Resort feel free to take an application or attend an Interview Session!


These are the rules you must follow.
Voyage Resort staff members must wear appropriate attire, this means no bypassed shirts, or inappropriate clothing, a semi-formal or casual outfit is recommended. For packages, you are allowed to use any just not any Rthro or morphs (e.i Penguin Package).

Code of Conduct

Voyage Resort Code of Conduct
Staff members (Trainee+) here at Voyage Resort must abide by certain rules to ensure they are efficiently getting their task done and ensure they represent Voyage Resort in a good manner.


Group Link: Voyage Resort

More information coming soon…

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