Vr grip position latency

I am making a fps vr game which follows basic terms of average fps’s but in vr

I have a gripping system with force grabbing in my game but when an object is grabbed it goes along with the server side hand and not the client so that means the object that I’m holding is not up to date to where my hand is however putting it on my client side hand means the server (other people) cant see it

I have tried making only server sided arms using a align position constraint to move the hands instead but as the gripping works by inserting and object into the hand model and anchoring it, I cant use that as they don’t work on models

Here is a video of what I mean:

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If you are using some sort of Physics constraint you can make the part have NetworkOwnership in the player instead of the server.

Try welding the object to the hand. But if you’re using networkownership then you will need to network both the object and the hand as for welding 2 objects resets the network owner.

I’m going to try that right now I will let you know on the result

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After reading this: Network Ownership | Roblox Creator Documentation I have noticed that it will not work on anchored parts as the hand and object you hold are anchored as they get their location updated by setting the primarypartcframe on the hand model with the held object inside that model

You can convert the strict use of CFrames to BodyGyros and BodyPositions, and then using things like welds. If needed, the BodyGyro and BodyPosition forces can be set to a point where it has nearly the same precision and speed as the CFrame method.

Thanks ill get to that in a bit after I’ve done something i need to do :slight_smile:

You could also consider cloning the item and making the server sided item invisible for the client and pasting a client copy. Then once the player lets go, wait a split second, delete the client copy, and show the server item?

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What stops you from using a render stepped on the client?

I was actually considering this but thought it might be a bit tedious

Because this is managed on the server

I will try this after trying the idea @Lobestone suggested if it doesn’t work

It might be tedious but it will make it much much smoother and less stress on the server.

Thank you it finally works thanks to your suggestion!