VR Studio Preview

I know that after mobile was introduced you could preview how your game would look in studio under the “test” menu. I was wondering if there could be a preview for VR and maybe mock-controls using the keyboard/mouse for this platform. I know some people might say “why VR? You could just do that with first-person,” well the problem with this statement is that VR affects interfaces IIRC and that Roblox was working on making them work with virtual reality. It may also modify the camera in some way, I do not remember exactly.

This could be very useful with creating a game for virtual reality as it would allow you to see if the game is up to par without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for a headset(I’m talking virtual reality headsets, not the ones that you connect to your phones like Google Cardboard.)

EDIT: I know this seems more of a feature request but I thought it might be more useful in the virtual reality section.


Nothing really changes engine-level that you would have to worry about. The interfaces do look different, but honestly all you need to do is make your game work with SurfaceGuis instead of ScreenGuis. You might also consider that you can’t restrict rotation of the camera at all or your users will be VERY uncomfortable.

I’m not sure if you could make a decent preview out of these constraints that would be worth working on, but feel free to counter me!

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I don’t know how the viewport on headsets is and if it’s different from monitors or not, so if they are, that might be something to consider. I just think it would be interesting to see how a game might appear different in VR without having to pay for that experience.

Also while I have the attention of a staff member, would it be possible to have VR as a separate category on the developer stats page?

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This, along with other things (like VR being a selectable platform in the platform list on place configuration page etc.) will definitely happen over time - we’re focusing more on in-game features right now.