Vtech. | Terms of Service

This is vTech terms of service official document, created for buyers interested in our services. We strongly encourage to read them for information purposes

Digital Product Terms of Service

  • Every payment on our hub is a contract made between vendor (“service provider”) and you.
  • By using our services you agree with Terms Of Use (“terms”) and understand that changes to this document can be made with no early announcement.
  • Files, graphics or any other form of content for which payment has been made is non-refundable.
  • Leaking, gifting, reselling or using with no license is and will be prevented by our administration.
  • We reserve a right to revoke your license if your behavior is against these terms
  • Custom Orders are a hire-dev service. You pay and developer(s) make you your order within 1-14 days depending on how big the order is.
  • It is in 100% customers job to contact and work along with developers on the order they’ve placed as well as payment (if not made before)
  • No refunds provided
  • By using custom orders service you understand that making no contact with developer for over 3 days revokes your payment and a right to use the service.
  • Rushing the developers will result in a order cancelation.
  • We require upfront payment for custom orders.
  • Making our developers uncomfortable
    with you (inappropriate behavior or explicit content) will give them a right to stop working on your order and remove the custom order from their to-do list
  • Licenses may be revoked if deemed neccessary and can be done immadietely with no refunds.
  • By joining and ordering you agree to these terms.