VTL Rules and Guideslines

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A1 - All members must wear at least Pants to attend trainings
A2 - All Members Need to Respect Trainers and Attend all Orders
A2 - All Members Need to Call Trainers as “Sir”
A3 - All Members Need to Respect Others Members

T1 - Trainees need to Follow All Rules in a Training
T2 - Trainees need to Greeting a New War Commander
T3 - Trainees Must need to Report Spammers, Scammers and Exploiters in a Game [Same as Trainers]
T4 - Trainees need the Complete Uniform to Get a Higher Rank Than Senior Private
T5 - Trainees need to say “PTS” or “!help” When They need some Info or Help
T6 - Trainees can’t get Promoted to HR or EX without a Reason [Just the War Commander]
T7 - Trainees can’t use T-Shirts with VIP Icon in a Training

H1 - Trainers can’t Promote everyone to Recruiting Officer Without TK Permission
H2 - Trainers can’t Ban or Kick Someone without a reason
H3 - When a Trainee Unrespect a Rule, Trainers can Remove 1/20 Techs
H4 - Trainers can’t Abuse Their Admin

G1 - Nobody can Spam, Scam or Write Something with a Wrong sense in Group Wall
G2 - Nobody can Share Itens, Groups or Games on VTL Group Wall
G3 - No One can Ask to make Trainings or Events

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