Vulcan PS - Resignation

Vulcan Productions - Public Statement

Dear Members of Vulcan,

I have resigned from my job as Chief Financial & Chief Operating Officer. I was waiting to do this for a few days, and now I am going to. I have come back to Vulcan 3 times. I will not be doing that this time.

My main reason is that I have a new game coming out soon, plus my own studio to handle. I can’t be the CFO of a group, plus the CEO of another. It just doesn’t work out. I don’t have that amount of time on my hands.

I was in almost every high rank of the group. I was a CEO when it was made, then a CFO, then a Board Member, then a CFO again. Each rank gave me a new little taste of the group.

I hope that Vulcan does well. I will play any games made in the future by Vulcan.

ChasingNachos - Former CFO

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