VVJ pass to manual joining

We have activated the option to manually join the Virtual Valley of Games group because it is now the main access to the TGE of the "Star Wars Tatooine. We will continue to accept people in the group as well. And we hope it does not affect you too much, Roblox players.


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Hemos activado la opción de unirse manualmente al grupo Valle Virtual de Juegos porque ahora es el acceso principal al TGE del "Star Wars Tatooine. Seguiremos aceptando igualmente a gente en el grupo. Y esperamos que no afecte mucho a vosotros, jugadores de Roblox.


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showing the results of the poll 22/1/2021 at 19H CET.

We remaind that this action dosen’t affect to los.robloxianos.2 [Grupo Oficial].

Recordamos que esta acción no afecta al grupo los.robloxianos.2 [Grupo Oficial].