Waiting to Fire

So I have an announcement system where the maximum in the scroll frame is 5, how to make if an admin make an announcement but the scroll frame children is 5 already, it will wait until scroll frame children below 5 and fire the announcement automatically.

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Use :GetChildren like so:

while #Frame:GetChildren() >= 5 do task.wait() end
-- Fire the announcement
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Is it gonna affect the performance? I mean we’re talking let’s say about massive players doing it.

You can use get children like above, except before the
make sure to put
if 5>=
This way it checks if there is less or the same as 5 frames. If there is more than you can do an else function and make it wait until that does equal true.


Turns out the first code should work fine…

task.wait should be fast enough, but if there is a significant drop in performance, you could use Instance.ChildRemoved:

    if #Frame:GetChildren() < 5 then
        -- Fire the anouncement

Yup, well why I said wait until below 5, because obviously the announcement has time, but you know all players / admin maybe they don’t know right, so I always put my situation in the worst case when more than 5 people fire announcement at the same time.

Either way, it should be fine. You should only be worried if you’re not properly cleaning up after your code.

I think it would be better to use repeat in this context

repeat task.wait() until #Frame:GetChildren() >= 5
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Do you mean until <= 5? Does it affect much performance, I mean if it’s just a little bit, it doesn’t really matter tho.

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Like using :Destroy() that kind of thing?

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You could possibly have your system work like this:

  • Admin requests to make announcement
  • Attempt to broadcast announcement if there are less than 5 visible announcements at the time
  • If there are 5+ visible announcements already, add the announcement to a queue (table)
  • Upon an announcement finishing/removing, if there is an announcement in the queue, remove it from the queue and broadcast it

This method also is great performance-wise as you do not have any waiting loops.

Yes this is how I want, but how to make if there are 5+ visible ad to queue table, is it the same like above or you have different method? and also your fourth point how to make if there is a queue, remove it from the queue and broadcast it.

Yes, :Destroy() for instances, :Disconnect() for connections, etc.

Here’s an example script:

local broadcasted = 0
local queue = {}

function broadcast(message,duration)
 -- broadcast using your code
 broadcasted += 1
 broadcasted -= 1
 local n = queue[1]
 if n then

function request(message)
 if broadcasted < 5 then

Wait then how to use the request function?

Ah nvm. Char…. I’ll try. Thank you.

But where should I put this, because I use FireAllClients on Server Script and OnClientEvent on Local Script.

This is my latest script, I think I got error because it’s always looping.

-- Services
local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")

-- Events
local eventsFolder = ReplicatedStorage.Events
local announcementEvent = eventsFolder.Announcement

-- Modules
local modulesFolder = ReplicatedStorage.Modules

-- Prefix
local Prefix = "!"

local broadcasted = 0
local queue = {}

local function getKeyFromId(keyId)
	for key, keyTable in pairs(queue) do -- iterate over myTable
		if keyTable == keyId then
			return key

function announcement(player, message)
	broadcasted += 1
	announcementEvent:FireAllClients(player, message)
	broadcasted -= 1
	local message = queue[player]
	local playerName = getKeyFromId(message)
	if message then
		announcement(playerName, message)
		table.remove(queue, table.find(queue, message))

function requested(player, message)
	if broadcasted < 1 then
		announcement(player, message)
		table.insert(queue, message)
		queue[player] = queue[1]
		queue[1] = nil

		local Split = Chat:split(" ")
		local Command = Split[1]
		if Command == Prefix.."n" then
			local Arguments = string.sub(Chat, string.len(tostring(Prefix).."n".."  "))
			if Arguments then
				requested(Player, Arguments)

Why it’s still firing up even if child is above that amount.