Want some feedback on some low poly models

Hey there! :wave:

Recently, I’ve been getting back into the groove of 3D modelling and building, though I’m currently focusing on practicing my 3D modelling skills. They’ve been on a slight decline for a little while now due to stressful events, and I couldn’t find the motivation to continue. However, now I have motivation!

So, I recently made a couple of things in Blender that I imported to Roblox, and I’d like feedback on them!

"Chaos" FNF Background

Not used for anything, just thought it’d be a fun exercise! :gem:
Not going to lie though, was a little tricky translating an FNF background it to Roblox.
The original didn’t have too much in it, so it’s a little empty.

Medieval/Witch Tower Assets

Just some models I made for a small build I’m working on. :mage:
Uses cartoony outlines! Scaled up smaller models to be more visible. :slight_smile:
And yes, I drew the simple wood texture.

I’d love constructive feedback on these, so don’t be shy!

Thanks! :heart: :smile:


Hey! I think the models look great, especially the Medieval/Witch Tower Assets. My favorite is probably that little brick wall portion - very nicely done low-poly bricks with just enough different types to make it feel natural.

As for critiques, I don’t really get the FNF Background so I won’t say much about it, but I’ve got some suggestions for the plank and the potion. The coolest glass potion bottles in games are ones where the liquid inside a potion has a depth-gradient look to it (darker where there’s more liquid), and/or bubbles. The plank is neat but unless it’s supposed to be extremely worn down & discarded wood, it could do without a couple of the smaller indents / wear-and-tear features.

Also, how’d you get that cartoony outline? It could be a tiny bit thicker but, I love it! Keep up the good work!

I think they used the highlight feature, I might be wrong though.


You’re right, a gradient for the potion would look fantastic. Thank you for the suggestion!

As for the cartoony outline, I just scaled up the original model, made it black and inverted it’s faces. HOWEVER, as another reply stated (thanks to Elise/NWOXZ btw!) highlights do exist, which I completely forgot about. Might use those.

Will also look into adding more indents and wear-and-tear features to the wood, too! Thanks!


In my opinion, these look better than using the highlight feature, you should stick with your original method to make outlines.


To clarify, I meant less wear-and-tear on the wood, but it’s situational. If it’s meant to be used in construction (as building material in a building), then too much wear will look weird. Otherwise it’s fine as is or even with more, imo

I like them, but I don’t know what I think about using SmoothPlastic on all of them instead of the correct material.