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If I remember correctly, it wasn’t a very long time ago that #RobloxDev tweets were regularly shown on the Roblox twitter. Is this something new/different?


This was most likely before I joined the team, I don’t know the reasons as to why we stopped.


That’s super!! :smiley:
May I ask what is considered ‘family friendly’? My twitter profile is a combination of a work and personal account, so it may have my opinions or just funny texts / images spread across some tweets.


Does this also include replies? And where do you draw the line between family friendly and non-family friendly? As that’s a subjective term.

Also in case your account was checked previously and deemed un-family friendly, would it be rechecked or immediately turned down?


We are so alike. :heart_eyes: :joy:


Great Question!

If your twitter contains inappropriate images/words we can’t really re-tweet a #RBXDev post, because users may be like oh! I wonder what else he posted and then stumble upon something that contains swearing or something else.

I’m not trying to be the twitter police here, having a clean & friendly twitter opens up many opportunities such as this, so it’s something to keep in mind.

It’s why having a public & personal twitter account is so important.


Thanks! :slight_smile:
I’ll get to splitting up my account in that case.


So. Here’s a question though.

Does the Roblox Twitter take a hard line on political statements being amongst tweets? I’m pretty hard leaning right (aka Pro-Trump) and I don’t swear, or say anything particularly defamatory, but sometimes will go out of the way to take a hardline against things that go against my beliefs. Would this make my “unfriendly” to be RT’ed?


If Roblox cared about your political view outside of the website we’d have a problem but I doubt they care.

On-Topic Thanks Roblox, SPAM MY STUFF I BEG YOU >:L


I would hope Roblox doesn’t discriminate against others for political beliefs because that is a big problem.


I think that’s fine.

I’m mostly referring to posts that contain curse words, or inappropriate images.
everyone is entitled to their own political views.


I’ll be splitting up my account into public and personal, then. However; What is considered inappropriate? As something can be inappropriate for one person and no big deal for another.

Edit: Above answered my question :ok_hand:


I’ll include some examples in the OP! :slight_smile:


I just have some unpopular opinions to many people, and I’d have to say that some people may get





Does this mean in general (so no retweeting others’ work) or just the post you hope to get retweeted?



I love my team xD


Awwww man, no curse words. Time to go delete some tweets


This tweet is from a while ago, but still relevant and would love a good RT!


One of my building posts I made back in april was rt’ed by roblox, great experience.