Want to be featured on the Roblox Twitter? Find out how!


could you be featured for projects off-site of roblox?

like youtube, or even your own website (similar to how Them Magazines is often mentioned)

or is it purely on-site, roblox content


I don’t think the point is for them to basically promote your game for you. I believe they’re looking for more like Tech Demo’ish tweets or like just generic cool creation type of tweets.


oof missing numbers in my link


Yeah I thought that tweet had a photo but now I’m seeing that it’s actually just a card with the game thumbnail. Oops. Doesn’t hurt to try, though!

(and just because it’s an (almost) full game doesn’t mean it’s not a cool creation)


Does this include music, drawings, retextures, etc. that are Roblox related as well?


Interesting inclusion. Glad to see I am not alone when it comes to this stuff.


whelp, there go my chances lol
Guess I’ll purge my twitter of any non-family friendly content.


You could have a personal and development Twitter account. I part do this; it is just that I don’t have a personal account half.


That’s Awesome! Hope to be featured one day.


For sure!


“Featured” here means getting a development post retweeted by the roblox twitter account?


I’ve been on the #ROBLOXDev hashtag for a few years now, nothing has happened w/ it for me? Or is this something new that you’re starting?

Either way, I’m stoked and ready to get on the active post train if this becomes a thing.


Thanks for the clarification (fingers crossed)!


I’m a bit confused by your question, would you mind clarifying?



I’ve been waiting to be featured, that’ll be so exciting for me.
I’m proud of how this build is coming out - https://twitter.com/astrellyRblx/status/955619414300352514


I am always using the #RobloxDev, so I’ll keep tweeting! :slight_smile:


My Twitter is both my personal and professional Twitter yet it still meets the guidelines lol, I’m a good boy :smiley:


Same w/ me, I turned my dev-life around 4 years ago for the better.


What do you mean by being “featured” on the official roblox twitter?

Sorry for the confusing question, not sure how to word it better.


How do you verify if the twitter account is fam friendly?