Want to be featured on the Roblox Twitter? Find out how!


there goes like 90% of us lol


You’re edgy tho there’s a difference :sunglasses:


Well, RIP me in this case. I do use some “offensive terms” every so often. Time for a new Twitter account for the dev stuff.


It’s quite amazing to see how many developers are willing to make dev related twitter accounts. :slight_smile:


Yes. Today I made a dev account. https://twitter.com/Railworks2Dev

Because not everything on my personal account is within the guidelines. I guess I use more open and direct language which Roblox isn’t a fan of. (the fact that I have used swear words within my tweets every so often)


hahah silly rootie that Never Works when I Do It !!!

edit: nvm i curse in a few of my tweets