Want to try out my new survival game?

A few days ago, I released one of my newest projects called Calamity Zone the other day. I was wondering if anyone wanted to try it out and give me feedback on it. Calamity Zone is inspired by Survive the Disasters by V_yriss, in Calamity Zone, you have you survive a variety of randomly chosen disasters. Some of them can be enemies that try to attack and kill you, whereas others can be objects that fall from the sky or cover the floor with hazards. You can get lots of coins for surviving a round, if you lose, you will still get coins, but not many. You can use these coins to purchase items in the shop such as better weapons. Using these weapons, you can kill enemies (not other players) to get coins, you can get x3 Coins from killing and x2 Coins from surviving.


I liked the concept of the game but I found a few things that you should do:

  • The enemy NPCs (Noobs, Zombies) kill you very fast (You can fix this by adding a debounce) and their ragdoll parts kill you too.

  • I feel the builds could be improved more but considering the fact that it’s in alpha, it obviously would be improved.

So yeah it’s overall a pretty nice concept and considering its one of your newest project I feel it’s pretty nice! Good Luck with your project!

Thank you for testing it out :slight_smile:

I will keep your suggestions in mind, and attempt to fix them.

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Have to say you did a good job there, the game would really feel great when it gets more maps n gets more polished :+1:

Which ones in particular? I think that I will add more to Toy Towers.

Ye you could do that, And like try improving the maps like work on lightning n stuff I feel. Making players test your game is the best way to know how your game is so keep improving it and take reviews.

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I might try adding the old Roblox stud texture to all of the bricks in Toy Towers so it looks like legos or something.

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First and foremost, the zombies are literal trucks

these trucks can isekai you in a matter of milliseconds!

if youre declared as loser as soon as you die once in a round, then zombies will be impossible to win. I suggest adding a debounce (like that post above a few). Also the GUI seems too blocky, it doesnt look good (in my opinioon), I suggest using Roundify! You also need to do some adjustments to their position, the bottom GUI collides with the Tool selection GUI.

Another thing, some modes need more features. For example, in the Lava gamemode, all i had to do was stand still and refrain from jumping off the building, and i win. I suggest you make it so the lava spurts out some stuff that can land on the player and damage them.

Overall, i think this game will have a bright future if you make some improvements! The concept does give me some sort of old ROBLOX vibe (i like). For its current state, i would give the game a 4/10.


I am trying to make my UIs have a cool effect, maybe I could try a border. Also, I tried to make the lava rise, but my script wasn’t working.

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I just played one round bcuz i was busy lol :crazy_face:

Well, the game is kinda basic, because there is an intermission, and the game starts, what you can do is add like a “Choosing Disaster”, “Disaster Selected: Survive the zombies”, “3”, “2”, “1”, “GO!”

And the UIs doesn’t have a design… You could use Roundify, to make those frames look better.

Thanks for reading, i liked your game actually :+1:

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I don’t think I’ll read any more suggestions. Thank you for playing my game :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed playing this game, don’t really see games using the old ROBLOX texture and that’s what made it unique in my opinion.


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Thanks for playing it :slight_smile:

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Amazing concept keep up the good work you will eventually get to that really good part of the game, I know you can do it chow

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