Wanting to know which is better

so im wanting to know which method is better.

everytime a player is hit, cloning a sound effect and parenting it into their humanoidrootpart and playing it, and then deleting it after.

or making a script that parents the soundeffect into their humanoidrootpart when they join, and when they get hit, it plays the animation and doesnt delete it or clone anymore sound effects, it just reuses that one

and should i play it in the server or client

I think the first option is better for quality, if you are going to play the sound on a high-rate, the sounds that were already playing will be cut in the middle, which isn’t that good. About if you should play it server or client, if the feature needs to be replicated to other players, if it is a thing that’s supposed to help them in a way, replicate it to other players. But if it is not that needed, I would suggest that for optimization, you’ll play it on the client. But it’s your choice.