War Hammer For Sale (LOWER)

About the builder
Hi! My name is sepro1144, and I’ve been building on roblox for around a year now. I started modeling on Blender around a month ago, and still have a lot to learn. I made up a War Hammer and, since I wasn’t planning on using it, am selling it.

Cost and Payment
I am selling the War Hammer for 25 robux, through group funds preferably (please have one ready if so). I am not accepting USD. I will put the model for up for you following payment to avoid scams. Payment is negotiable.

The War Hammer


Please contact be only via DevForum pms, I’m working on reorganizing my discord

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That’s not worth 450 amigo. At most, 50.


I don’t think anyone will but this. The details are lacking on this build a lot. Scripters could mine as well just build it themselves and it would take about 5 minutes. It’s not even scripted, at most it’s worth about 5 robux.


you should work on payment a little more, I do not think you understand how much that really costs. that would take only about 5 minutes to make (I know this because I am a builder as well), + I have sold an awesome poly pet to someone for only 150 robux. So at max I would give this a price of 50 robux like @MainlyRiley said.

Here is the example of a model I would have sold for 150 robux:


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Thanks for the pricing feedback, I have updated the price to just 50 robux


To me, this model looks a bit low quality for the price. I get you changed the price, but I still feel as it isn’t enough. The hammer looks very low effort and cheap compared to the standards set by most low poly devs. I would first practice blender before trying to sell an asset and earn money. If you want a good tutorial on how to start using blender I would recomend this video: https://youtu.be/elUJCEC06r8

I hope this helps and I would love to see your modeling career succeed.


if you really want to sell this i suggest you update the quality of this build, this one is basic at most, and very easily replicable, here is an example of something that i would sell (if i sold something at all), made as part of my ‘30 minute builds’ (just a stupid thing ive made up with a few of my friends)


The bottom of the hammer looks very odd, what is it suppose to be?
Make sure to make better textures for the hammer as well, it lacks quality.

I would not say this is at the quality of sale, please take the advice on how to improve your build and stick to one thing to specialise in


Nice war hammer it is nicely detailed and at a very low price.Keep up the great work!

Yes. It does look very odd.

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