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Link to the latest news: WAREBLOX Newsletter - #3 by MarblynSwirl

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Hello! It’s been a while since we have made a post on this newsletter. We have new news for you.

Recently, we have finished 2009 and 2011 IN A WHOLE WEEK! Here’s some bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in 2011 where the UI wasn’t in correctly
  • Fixed another bug in 2011 where other players usernames will be shown on modern roblox nametags
  • Fixed a bug in 2009 where the UI is different

We haven’t updated this post in 63 days. Here’s what happened just recently:

Discord Info

The Discord serverholder was disabled by a former WAREBLOX admin, and we had to move servers. We also took away admin powers from Admins in the Discord. Thankfully, the Staff lounge wasn’t leaked to public. If it was, WAREBLOX would be in it’s bad state at the moment. The admin has been looking for many ways of shutting us down, such as:

  • Impersonating Staff
  • Hacking Staff accounts
  • Attempting to get staff to fake themselves to being hacked to destroy the Discord. (which is why a dev was blacklisted)
2016 is released!

WAREBLOX 2016 released! The only broken function is the backpack. Yeah, we know. We added FE1 (flood escape 1) to the 2016 places and disabled the game days later because a dev tried to report the game, and attempted to shut it down. The dev was demoted for 2 reasons.

Working on an Engine Module for the game

We are working on an Engine module for WAREBLOX because i want the game to be beta-released publicly since my parents loves taking my keyboard (lol)

Quote of the month

image (this was qunjz’s screenshot of an opossum and Frostskeri reposted it and calls it a kitty)