Warfront: Map Layout

Hello fellow Robloxians! We are Photon Studios working on a new game called “Warfront”! We are very early through the development stage but are excited to grow our community throughout this Year! Expect a few bugs, and Sadly a few features are not available yet such as Multiplayer, Customization, Currency, etc.

However, we’d like you to Test out Single Player and tell us whether the Map Layout for both Maps seems playable, attractive and balanced enough. This is the only feedback we crucially need, but perhaps other suggestions would be nice :slightly_smiling_face:


  • Map is Good :+1:
  • Map is Unbalanced (How can we change this?) :-1:

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  • Map is Good :+1:
  • Map is Unbalanced (How can we change this?) :-1:

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Here is the Game:

Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m going to add other feedback down here.
Note: I played in singleplayer only and spent a few minutes on each map. I got to the point where the blue eyed ones were showing up and a minute later I died.

  • Main menu music is kind of quiet.
  • The gun lags when firing and so does enemy movement.
  • Music could be varied from map to map

Space Station
The map isn’t unbalanced towards the player rather towards the enemies. There is only one direction to the point where you need to defend which allows the players to just wait for them to turn the corner and shoot them down.

Mining Outpost
Mining Outpost is an improvement over Space Station, but now it is unbalanced towards the player. The fact there is many entrances keeps you moving from point to point. But this overshadowed by the fact that they spawn a few feet away from the point from which you have to defend. So you can be easily overwhelmed. Also on top of that, the lag makes firing inconsistent and slow. Also here is a bug where the corpses of robots get stuck in a wall.


Overall the concept is pretty good but your maps need some serious work in terms of design. Perhaps I’d suggest looking in to games that have the same concept as you, I don’t have any examples off the top of my head but look around the front page for something.

Really hope this helps you guys out!


I think the space station is a decent map however these isn’t a lot of space to move around and the lazers will bug sometimes, I haven’t tried Mining Outpost yet

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Thank you for your detailed respond! I’ll consider this in the meantime :slightly_smiling_face: