Warping Hallway

Hello! I recently created this small little hallway as a sort of way to show a client I’m worth keeping. Please give me your feedback about it, I’m very interested. All scripts and models made by me, though the scripts had help from the dev forum. Enjoy!



Just tried it out, and it is amazing! 10/10.

It does look like it’s wrapping in first person mode! Keep up the good work bud! :smiley:

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The hallway is well put together, very nice. It looks pretty decent so far, so keep working at it! I like the characters in it, having their heads be shadows, and then they aren’t very cool!

I did notice that you spawned with clothes that you current avatar does not currently own, is that intentional?
I would maybe want to put some more detail onto the ground since the ground is viewable by the player, because you can see a character hanging from it. Maybe try to put something unique at the bottom, e.g. some type of city, cave, etc.

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Looks pretty good! I would recommend adding textures onto the shadowed heads, if you’re already doing that, maybe a dark body? That would be awesome. So far I love the work, keep it up! :slight_smile:

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