Was their a recent ROBLOX update, because something broke my game!

So about 7 hours ago my game was running perfectly fine. But I come back, and it is broken. Is there any update that I am not aware of?

I would provide a screenshot but there are no errors! I have tried reverting and multiple things, still can’t find the solution.

Please help!


Provide screenshots or any script details. I doubt anything major was broken. A small part can break a system.

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You should go into detail what the issue is, and to begin debugging, i’d advise adding prints to see whats breaking and where. Give us examples of what worked, and how it’s broken. If you’re using pcall, add outputs of the errors, like so:

local success, err = pcall(examplesomething)
if not success then warn(err) end

Also, Roblox doesn’t update on weekends, so code should all remain the same over the last 72 or so hours.

So here is the story. My game has a lobby, it has a timer. When i am in the lobby by myself the timer is working fine (so is the game) BUT when my friend join the timer stops (on whatever time its at) and the game won’t run. But when my friend leave the game runs perfectly fine… what could be the issue here?

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It’s hard to know what the issue is without any code, it’s likely the codes the problem

Also the timer keeps running when he leaves.

It’s likely that this is a problem on your end that you just didn’t notice up until now.

The script that runs the timer would be super helpful here, and whether or not the countdown occurs on the server or the client.

Hey. We would all love to help you, but we can’t.

To be able to help you we need:

  • The problem :white_check_mark:
  • At least a snipbit of the code and where it is located
  • Object hierarchy (Where objects or located, such as the script)
  • What you have tried to fix the problem

There are billions of ways to make a “lobby with a timer”. Wothout your specific implementation, we really are unable to solve your problem. Thank you for the detailed problem, but we don’t know even whether it can from the server or client. We don’t know what the script even looks like.

If you can provide the info, we can solve your problem. Hope we can help, Have a good day.