Water evaporating isn't working for me

So, I was trying to make some islands, but for some reason when I started I wanted to evaporate the water, but when I press evaporate it doesn’t work.

Mind showing us some pics so we can see?


https://gyazo.com/7e18d2b377453a35273acac6580028ed This is the clip.

Well, am not really sure what’s going on roblox it’s self is having problems, try to logging out of studios for a few mins then try it again.

Also, not sure if you seen this or not but Screenshot 2020-03-12 at 12.56.26 PM
If you slow down your video after you click it this shows up fast and leaves fast.

I saw that, but it never generates water.

I’m not quite understanding your question but. If you’re trying to generate water you’ll have to click create, the evaporate button has the ability to evaporate all the water if you make a mistake.

Thank you! Was trying to figure it out for hours!

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