Water terrain floating breaks after platform stand is enabled?

I’m currently facing a issue where, when platform stand is enabled in the humanoid, the player loses the ability to float back up after it is disabled. I’ve attempted to change the humanoid’s states but nothing has worked and it fixes only after the character is loaded again.

There is no code involved with this, just simply enabling it through the server causes it to break it, not sure if this is a roblox issue… or it can be resolved with some adjusting humanoid states.


This also happens when you force the player to sit down.

I don’t know if this helps, but disabling EvaluateStateMachine although it still plays the animation seems to mimick the behavior of platform stand but retain the water physics.

Yeah, this is something I haven’t tried, but it seems inconsistent especially since I am using ragdolls for this, platform stand is the better option but would work if I wasn’t using them.

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