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About Me

Hi there, I am Water! I am offering my services as a programmer and UI Designer. I have been Programming for about 3 years on Roblox. I also have alot of experience in NodeJS, React, AngularJS & Python, actually more than Lua!

Front Page Games, I have worked in

Personal Scripting Showcase

My Best Recent Works

Car Framework

Trading Framework

Gun Framework

Mining System & Special Pet Framework

Character Choosing Module

Character Customiser

Grabbing System

Inventory / Pickup System

Mining System

Crafting / Placement system

Inventory System (Old one)

AI Murderer

Interaction System

Old Cafe Stuff


Simulator Related

Fully Function Sword System

Basic coin Systems
Screen capture - ad8c818362bbcc72d23feb37ec290c5a - Gyazo

Egg hatching
Screen capture - 53262181b8720294c56e0db4aa913715 - Gyazo

Functional Shop
Screen capture - 9576f5f00f9475cff9204c1d004bb1d1 - Gyazo
Screen capture - c5de4da8dfaf510e2ec1ec7bef66223d - Gyazo
Screen capture - ea049c57ff459652e61c07f757c7dc87 - Gyazo
Screen capture - ebc55955dcaaa94aa408702338607e18 - Gyazo

Pet Inventory
Screen capture - fb74afeedea26614d9a1832d8f5487b8 - Gyazo
Screen capture - a9b7816dde01b0edd27f079dd749b48c - Gyazo
Screen capture - b4688cf80e5c2e49e3deef1515330ce7 - Gyazo

Note: The UI isn’t made by me, its made by @xgodtier

Plot Building System

A Grid / Plot Building System with features that cover:

  • Buildable Stuff
  • Editable Buildings
  • Removing Buildings
  • Buildable Item Inventory


Crafting UI

Character Customiser

Gamepass, Boosts, Coins Shop

Futuristic UI
Futuristic UI Design

Shop UI

Some More :slight_smile:

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Developer Forum Contributions:



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January 2021 - Portfolio Featured by Alvin Blox:


I am available for 8-10 hours of work, Monday - Saturday. You can contact me any time on Discord or Developer Forums


My payment methods are USD Via Paypal, currently not taking any UI Commissions. I charge hourly basis for Programming, currently with a $40/Hour+ atleast now.

Chances Of Accepting % is 1% depending on your game’s potential, if I choose to work for percentage by any reason, I would ask for atleast 35% If you want to know why, you can ask me.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum.
Discord: WaterJamesPlough#0001 do note, I am not available for hire currently.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I give him a 10/10 Rating! I am so satisfied with his work. He scripted my game and it is so cool. He is a complete professional. I RECOMMEND HIM. Hire him for your game :smiley:


Thanks, I hope we can work again soon.


Your discord isnt working for me Could you add me Sam,#1919

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Sure I will add you in discord

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I am interested in hiring you for a project. I sent you a friend request on disquord: blubberpug%8760

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Hello! Your tag on Discord is not right, can you add me? Harmless_Sound#6196

Your work looks amazing!

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Your discord seems to have changed. Could you reply with your updated user tag here, or add mine koke7777

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Your discord isn’t working could you add me please tag is Swordman675#0064

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I am interested. Your discord isn’t working.

Add me at Trophane#8773


Add me: NamaSierra#6935

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Interested Contact me: FISHY#8882

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Your discord isn’t working for me. My tag is Trillx#0427

Add me when possible. I am interested.

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Calvin.#1130 add me, your discord dont work

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Very interested please message me PearlLilac#8718

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can u send add me on discord my username is Gledi-kun(アエネアス)#8007

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Can you add me as I cant DM you friend me @Clxzed#8551

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Could you add me on discord A1_TAMER#2446

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Hello there, was wondering if you’re still open?

I currently need a gun system - a demo of how it should be created will be sent to you via DMs.

We have the UI, Visual Effects (VFX), models, and Sounds.

We would also like to hire you out for several other things. Looking forward to a reply!

Discord - JFK#1234