Waterpark Feedback (not finished yet)

I just needed feedback on what you think. Also, I haven’t finished it yet but I will keep updating it occasionally. :slight_smile:


The style and building of it looks really good!
Imo it does look a bit cramped


It looks great but I have a few suggestions. Spread it out a little more, add a few trails, maybe even a lazy river? I also hope it’s not just on a white baseplate like you have it. I would add some grass off of the queues/paths, trees, and maybe some bushes. It’s also hard to tell if you have any extreme slides from your images, but slides with big drops or slides that last a long time are fun. My last suggestion isn’t needed but signs for what your slides/rides are called, and refreshment stands would be cool. Overall, great building style.

I’m just leaving the white base as a foundation for now and after that, I will add water and a different foundation. I will be adding 3-4 slides to the mix. Lastly, I will add some cabanas/chairs, small shops, Hills, a large garden, some palm trees, etc. I might be adding more areas such as a kiddy area, or other attractions. Overall thank you for the suggestions you gave me!

No problem; sounds like it’s going to be an awesome game!

Alright, good feedback isn’t really feedback, so I’ll put the things that can be improved.
What’s this?

Is this snow?
At least make it concrete or something.

Texture looks unfinished:

Is this a glitch:

Why is there sand? SmoothPlastic looks better in my opinion.

The pipe isn’t made of metal.

Then the lighting. It should be set to future, rather than what I’m assuming is Compatibility. The problem here is the lighting’s ambient is either too high, or your graphics quality is set to a really low level, so I cannot really give too many other details on what can be improved.

Everything else, the buckets, the nets, and all of that is great!