Waterworld Public Handbook


Welcome to the official Waterworld public handbook! Throughout this handbook, you are able to locate a contemporary overview of our corporation & departments, alongside important links that will be of use. This post and itโ€™s linked resources has been approved by the Waterworld Corporate Team as of December 20th 2021; another resource you may come across with correlation to the Waterworld corporation is not established here is unauthorized and should be entirely disregarded. Further information that has not been posted here may be acquired within our official communications server; any questions or concerns in correlation to this particular post may be forwarded to @m4vddie accordingly.

Waterworld, currently owned and operated by WRLD MGMT, is a role-play based group on the ROBLOX platform; incorporating realistic waterpark features and procedures. On a regular basis, our staff members actively supervise our park guests in order to maintain a safe environment; typically transpiring is a role-play procedure led by one of our attraction supervisors. While our higher-ranked individuals, will be tirelessly managing our in-game moderation.

Main Links


Group: :link: AquaZone - Roblox
Communications: :link: NsWthzCGtu
Game: :link: [PLAY NOW!] ๐ŸŒดAquaZone - Roblox

Public Relations & Partnership Information

:link: Waterworld โ€” Public Relations & Partnership Information

Communications Moderation

:link: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/waterworld-%E2%80%94-server-moderation-department/1605993

Human Resources


Infraction Appeals

:link: Waterworld โ€” Infraction Appeals

Event Committee

:link: Waterworld โ€” Event Committee