Way to make the ball hit harder

The goal is to make the ball knock the player off the bridge if it hits them. The issue, however, is that not only does it not push someone, but it also flails around on impact.
Imgur: The magic of the Internet is the gif. Sorry that its blurry.

Wheres the GIF on it? I guess you could increase its mass (i forgot how exactly you do it by the way)

Oh well just remembered, Custom physical properties where you can increase density, considering the mass is the product of volume and density.

(Edit since you showed the gif)

You can use RopeConstraint and make the Restitution property be equals to 0 to stop the bouncing, meanwhile you can use CustomPhysicalProperties to change density and by doing that, increasing the mass and resulting in higher force.

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After trying this it has a huge difference so I’ll try playing with this and see if it works. I appreciate the advice. Thanks

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