Way to store gun data?

So I am making a game called Firing Frenzy and I have a modulescript which stores the recoil values and rounds per minute and stuff like that. But then i remembered exploiters could simply edit it to be whatever they want it to be, so I would like to ask for any effective ways to store this kind of infomation without the client editing it.

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Exploiters can only edit module scripts for their own client only so, unless you are using a local script to get the gun damage then send it to a server script, their changes won’t affect anyone else.

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I dont store damage there, I store things like recoil and rpm and stuff. I still want to make it better because exploiters can get no recoil, a billion zillion rpm and lag the hell out of servers and dominate people and basically can do whatever they want apart from setting stuff like damage. It basically stores the data for the client framework

Yes i understand I didn’t mean “damage” specifically, what i meant is unless your gun script works clientsided them editing it won’t do anything.

Yes, I’m saying that they can give themselves no recoil and stuff because the fps framework uses the module to get gun data.

Well yes that’s true there is no 100% guaranteed way to prevent it, but you can fire the bullet in a certain direction when the recoil should’ve happened using a serversided cooldown so basically on their screen they did not recoil but realistically the bullet had been shot as if they did