Ways to secure Fall damage more?

What im trying to achieve:
So i have a fall damage system Client-Server. Problem is i did lots of the stuff on the client because the server just isnt reliable for detections. I want to know if i can do something to prevent future exploits since all you really have to do is disable the localscript and fall damage is gone (Yes, it is possible to disable other localscripts trough exploits). I know byfron and all that is here and exploiters are at an all time low but its probably gonna get bypassed soon and i rather make a security check now so i wont have to worry later. (Btw i use remotes to communicate from client to server to passtrough data n allat)

unfortunately there’s no way to archive that

anything done on the client can be manipulated and even if you handled fall damage on the server it still could be bypassed

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Well i guess byfron is here anyways and Aspect anticheat LITE is releasing soon so i should just ignore this, im fine probably then thanks!

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